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See Our Stretching, Patching & Repair Work 👇🏼!Carpet Repairs Types but not limited!

✅Pet Damage: Cat or dog bites, claw marks, shredded or digging or scratching holes, tears and loose fibers
✅Burn holes and repairs: Melted or burnt from cigarettes and candles
✅Rust and permanent stain transfer repairs
✅Ruffled carpet, wavy carpet, rippled, loose carpet

✅Carpet snag removal Carpet bleach repairs Permanent

✅Carpet Stains - Kool-Aid, Lipstick, Pet Damage

✅Carpet bulge - Fix bump area Padding/Carpet repair

✅Carpet Threshold - Additions between rooms,

✅Carpets Detached - From tack strips, Replacing tack strip and rotted tack strips

✅Seam: Repairs on loose or exposed seams

✅Pad Replacement - Remove wet or pet damaged pad, carpet cushion and replace

What Our Repair customers Are Announcing!

Carpet Fixing & Restoring - Service Area

Call Dave Your STL Repairing Specialist! 314 338-5129

Fixing Carpet

Carpet Repairs

Carpet Stretching

Bonded Insert • AKA • Carpet Patching

Transition Repair • Pad Replacement

Wall to Wall • Carpet Stretchers

Tack Strip • Install • Replacement

Seam Sealer to Seam Edges

Carpet Repair & Stretching St. Louis, MO

X-Treme carpet repair in St Louis, suggests carpet stretching or repairing you're carpeted floors if your experiencing a few unsightly or ugly carpet wrinkles and/or bubbles, repairing or replace a peace for holes, rips, burns or tears, in your carpeted floor. It's time to make a change and call X-Treme (314) 338-5129 we can stretch, clean and restore your carpeted floors the same day!

We're not constrained to just stretching we also fix, patch holes, replace torn carpet, Berber snag & pulled fiber rows, pad replacement, transitions and seams. 

  • Stretching: Some people call them carpet puckers, rippling, bumps or waves and we're not talking about the ocean. That would be a nice vacation, since we live in the Midwest. we're talking about a trip hazarded, on the floor! That we walk on every day! Cause's could be humidity change & fluctuation of temperatures in your home, Could just be old carpet, maybe a bad install, but a big part is the foundation, padding is cut, tacked or glued correctly to your floor, and the tack strip placed correctly for the carpet thickness to properly sit in the gully. 

  • Repairing Carpet: is part of stretching but more experience is needed on carpet edges, seaming and cutting down a fiber row, on new carpeting it is quit simple! the fibers are standing tall, on used carpet the edge fibers are crushed or matted down or "Frayed or Fray" Fray occurs often when high-traffic, wear and tear, and improper cleaning methods, incorrect cleaning products, scrubbing instead of blotting, making the fabric textile compromised and damaged, they can change textures or color". That's where I come in? Dave your fiber repair specialist! I fix & repair carpeted floors every day, if its worn or matted, No problem! We move furniture, remove doors, whatever it takes to get it fixed right

Carpet Repairing Service Missouri & Illinois City's

STL is a bi-state metropolitan area that completely surrounds and includes the independent city of St. Louis, the principal city. It includes two states and we service both MO & IL for repairing & stretching your carpeted floor.

  • Missouri: Saint Louis · Ladue · Kirkwood · O'Fallon · Ballwin · Chesterfield · Clayton · Maplewood · Brentwood · Frontenac · Creve Coeur · Fenton · Breckenridge Hills · St. John · St. Ann · Maryland Heights · Town and Country · St. Charles · St. Peters · Webster Groves · University City · Overland. 

  • Illinois: Belleville · O'Fallon · Swansea · Shiloh · Fairview Heights · Collinsville · Cahokia · Caseyville · Godfrey · Dow · Dorsey · Wood River · Alton · East Alton · Roxana · South Roxana · Bethalto · Granite City · Maryville, IL · Glen Carbon · Troy · Pontoon Beach · Columbia.

Carpet Stretching Is Part Of A Repair


The need for carpet repair is just as great as carpet stretching, they go hand in hand with each other.  Meaning, a lot of (stretching services) also require repairs other than simply "stretching" the carpet. For example, carpet patching "aka" (bonded inserts) may be needed by a vent after removing wrinkles.

WhyAs we stretch the carpet we will shift it to one side.  Meaning one side of the floor vent will be long and one side will be short. A seam between rooms may be needed if we have nowhere to stretch.  A seam repair may also be needed if you have bad seams or it needs to be repaired from doing a complete stretching. Bonded inserts for non removable stains, like bleach, hair dye, ink and so on or pet damage, you know!  You come home to pieces of your carpet getting mauled by your four legged friend, but X-Treme is here for you and your pet. Lets get your carpeted floors fixed and looking good as new!

Lets Talk About Fixing Your Carpeted Floor...

That's were I come in? Dave your fiber repair specialist! I fix & repair carpeted floors every day, if its worn or matted, No problem! We move furniture, remove doors, what ever it takes to get it fixed right. If the flooring is to bad, or not worth it, I will tell you, I have more tools then in installer, if you would like' I can show you. we use wall-to-wall stretchers, knee less for closets and to tuck carpeted edges in instead of a knee kicker. I can fix a quarter size hole or way bigger it doesn't matter. that's what I do. You can call the office, Paula can direct you with were to send images or set up an estimate. Some times photos are misleading and an onsite look would be best. I will be there on time, if you prefer an unmarked work vehicle because you rent, let us know? The thing is I work for you, I need your business, your referrals, word of mouth & reviews. So if your looking for a down to earth, caring and honest person call X-Treme to set up your appointment with Dave the carpet Master.

Carpet Repair Services