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"Found all Pet spots cleaned and smell is gone."

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"Cleaned carpet with bad pet odor, There the best"

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"cleaned carpets and removed pet odor and urine stains, great results"

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Pet Odor Removal:  


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Pet Urine Odor Mapping & Detection St. Louis

X-Treme the pet odor  removal specialist serving STL area, suggests removing the urine which In return will remove the odor! That's were a professional pet remediation company comes in. before removing, cleaning and sanitizing starts.  We need to map out the areas that are contaminated, if your animals just tinkled in a few spots or saturated certain areas, we need to no when, where, why & how. Detection is the first step for any odor removal service.

When: Last time a pet accident happened and is it current going on!

Where: Urine Mapping tells us the location. 

Why: Medical, unretract infection, anxiety, age or a puppy.

How: The answers above gives us a procedure on " how to" efficiently and effectively remove pet odor & urine stains.  

For mapping & detecting urine stains and spots we us a high powered UV light, special glasses that helps us see better in day light, we also use moisture meters to calibrate with our urine light. urine will fluoresce, so will many other substances.

Fluoresce Items That Glow with a black or UV Light!


•Laundry detergent

•Mr. Clean liquid cleaner

•Banana spots

•Some cosmetics

•Tonic water

•White powders

Black UV Light & Moisture Meter 

UV lights give as a quick look, and helps us identify urine easer & faster but can be deceiving if not used with a moisture meter and / or our noses. A moisture meter tells us when moisture is present, this is great were carpet cushion is installed, lets us no if its in your padding, carpet backing and basically how deep the problem goes.  

Pet Odor & Urine Mapping 

Carpet Treatments

Concrete, Tile & Grout Treatments

Wood & Luxury vinyl plank Treatments

Black / Ultra violet light 

Moisture Meters

Clean Air Ducts 

Air Scrubbers