Upholstery Cleaning St Louis, Mo

Our upholstery cleaning process in St Louis (314) 338-5129 is exceptional! Because we provide our customers with a deep, low residue furniture cleaning, super fast drying, we use a special upholstery tool that cleans the fabric, not the foam filler in you cushions. We are specially trained for spots and stain removal, on a sofa, love seat, sectional, ottoman, recliner or dinning room chairs. 

Special Furniture Treatments Available

  • Spots and stain removal 
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing 
  • Scotchgard 3M protection
  • Pet odor treatment
  • Disinfecting treatment 
  • Steam clean / Dry cleaning 

Important Facts About Upholstery Cleaning?

.Upholstery is more delicate then your carpet and harder to clean.
.Over wetting your furniture can discolor or leave rings on the fabric.
.Over wetting can cause a musty smell.
.We use a special upholstery tool that cleans the fabric, not the foam filler in you cushions.
.Leaving them to dry in two hours, Not Days!

9 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Prepare the upholstery or furniture area to be cleaned with a drop cloth so the surrounding area won't get wet.
  2. Pre-Vacuum to remove dry soil to improve upholstery cleaning process optional .
  3. We test all fabric for fiber type and color fastness to decide what cleaning method, upholstery dry cleaned or upholstery wet cleaned.
  4. We can clean cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers we use dry cleaning and wet steam cleaning methods and solutions.
  5. We pre-spot spotted areas to remove stubborn spots that don't respond to regular cleaning
  6. Extract the soil with a fiber rinse to clean and rinse the fabric so it will not leave any residues.
  7. Apply deodorizer to help eliminate bad odors.
  8. Apply Scotchgard protector to protect the fabric from most soiling and many spills, this is optional.
  9. speed drying with powerful air movers: in most cases, allowing your upholstery / furniture dry that same day.

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