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Pet Odor Removal:  


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Urine spotting & removal

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Ultra violet light & moisture meters

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Use mobile truck mount

High Heat "Steam Cleaning"

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Pet Urine & Odor Removal Service St. Louis

X-Treme the pet odor & urine removal specialist serving St Louis, MO area, suggests carpet cleaning if you’re experiencing some ugly pet odors and pee spots and/or urine stains in your carpeted floors.

We recommend removing pet spots ASAP. You don't want it to get out of control, you also don't want to smell pet odor as your relaxing at your resident. Typically, you should have your wall-to-wall carpeting professional cleaned every 18 months by X-Treme. But? urine left in carpet creates bacteria, and a very bad aroma, we are IICRC certified in odor control, have more then 15+ years’ experience, we can map out the contaminated area "pet urine mapping & detection" using a high powered  UV light and moister meter that detects urine spots. We use patented mobile cleaning equipment. Why Does that mater! Well, the design we have is space saving that runs off a 6.0 liter motor and the extra space gives us plenty of shelf space to carry several pet odor and urine removal products, we wish there was one cleaner to removal all stains & spots, but it just doesn't exist! "We don't improvise we strategize".

  • Clean & Deodorize:Clean Carpet & Upholstery and deodorize.
  • Carpet Urine & Odor Treatments : Enzymes - Subfloor extractions.  
  • Hydroxyl Machine: Break apart odor molecules - Safe to be in home - For Pet & Smoke Odors.
  • Thermal Fogging: is able to permeate even the toughest-to-reach spots - Unoccupied home Only - All Odors.
  • Air Scrubber: carbon filter air scrubber for adsorbs smoke and soot odors and used for urine decontamination services.
  • Decontamination Remediation: Removal & Cleaning of damaged materials caused by animal urine from cats, dogs or skunks - Tabaco - Cigarettes - Smoke Damage.
  • Material Removal: Drywall - Carpet & Padding - Tack Strips - Paneling - Wood.
  • Seal Subfloors: Odor blocker sealer - Concrete and Wood Subfloors - Barrier Blocker. 

Lets Talk! X-Treme For Your Odor Problems..

Why should you use X-Treme for your all your pet cleaning & odor removal or urine decontamination services! Were family owned and operated, and we strive to be the best, very completive on pricing and the bottom line is, it’s my company, my name, and my reputation on the line. I'm a perfectionist, I will clean your home or business like I clean my home and my business! Perfect. What ever odor problem you have, I'm here for you. I would love to meet you and put you on our list of life long customers.

Soaked Saturated Carpet Padding Removal & Install

We also specialize in carpet repairs that goes hand in hand with our urine & odor removal process, urine left in carpet or pad can and will eventually produce a pungent or foal odor, "if we need toremove the carpet padding or tack strips due to being heavy soiled soaked or saturated we can do that to! We might even have to remove the baseboards or other materials that were contaminated. But no matter what needs done, X-Treme is with you every step of the way.

From cleaning, removal & replacement were a multi cleaning and restoration company dedicated to you, your family and pets.

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