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Jeff L.

"Carpets turned out looking new."

Clayton, MO 63105

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"Repaired & cleaned carpet, awesome job!"

Clayton, Missouri 

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"cleaned air ducts & dryer vent, Great Work"

Clayton, MO

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Air duct cleaning Clayton MO

Helps bad indoor air from recirculating within your environment, dryer vent cleaning can remove lint and debris build up.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Clayton MO

Is a maintenance to shine up & prolong the life of your hardwood floors. 

Screen & Coat 

Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing 

ScotchGuard Stain Protector Clayton MO

Protect your carpet or furniture from spots and future stains, but also slows down fiber or fray damage, color loss and an unappealing floor Or peace of furniture.

Furniture & Upholstery Clayton MO

Furniture AKA upholstery cleaning can be difficult for homeowners do to over wettings the pad or foam. we have 2 hr dry times!.

Tile and Grout Clayton MO

Tile and grout cleaning is very hard for the do it your self kind of person, its the rinsing action and time it takes to rinse the floor from detergents, if its just moped around rapid resoiling and grout efflorescence can occur and can discolor the grout lines..

Carpet Repair & Stretching Clayton MO

Carpet repair might be need if your pet ripped, torn or chewed your carpet, but also carpet stretching will be needed to remove wrinkles, bumps or waves. See Our Carpet Repair Video!

Water Damage Restoration Clayton MO

Water clean up service that mitigates a water loss, by extracting, removing water and then drying the structure.

X-Treme Carpet Cleaning and Repair Clayton, MO

Clayton, MO is part of St louis county Missouri with over 21,000 people, with so many business and residential property it’s a given that your carpet’s, hardwood, tile or air ducts & dryer vents will need to be cleaned at some point, and that’s were X-Treme comes in, were a multi floor & HVAC cleaning professional’s, with an array of services offered, especially in todays time, cleaning is essential. Call your local carpet cleaning experts, we just don't specialize in carpet, tile & grout. They call us the carpet masters because of our  carpet stretching, patching, fixing & repairing of all carpeted floors, and so much more! Servicing Clayton Missouri area zip codes 63117 63118 63105.

What Our Clayton Customers Are Saying!

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Carpet Cleaning Clayton MO

St. Louis County servicing Clayton area zip codes 63117 63118 63105 Our carpet cleaning high heat 200+ with our mobile cleaning equipment, soft water system and carbon filters, we're IICRC certified.

Pet Odor & Urine Removal Clayton MO

Removing  pet odor and stains is a breeze with X-Treme, From sub floor extractions flushing the urine and eliminates the cat or dog odor. 

Urine decontamination Specialist

Service area Clayton & Surrounding Area's